CJ’s Awesome Vacation: Day Four


On our last day, we went to Crayola Experience with the Au’s. It’s not a crayon factory, but more of a discovery zone that revolved around crayons. With four stories, there were various activities for kids to do with crayons, and it wasn’t just about drawing and coloring, but what was great was that we got to take home whatever we created.


We took the odd route and started on the fourth floor and worked our way down.


CJ chose two crayons and the machine slowly melted both and spun them around.


And this is what came out.


Then each person chose a crayon and mold, and the machine melted and pressed the crayon into the mold and out came various designs.


I chose some random crayon character.


CJ chose a dinosaur.


These giant crayons were basically furnaces and kids were allowed to dip sticks into the melted wax and paint with them.

340 341 343 344 348 353

On the next floor was some random miniature boat model thing. Aside from the crayon boat, I’m not sure how relevant this was.


But CJ enjoyed it.

356 358

Next, kids could write and draw on plexiglass with illuminated ink.



Some type of Kinect type of motion-sensored activity.

367 368

EJ having the time of her life.


This is where things got really fun, but really crowded and chaotic as well.


Each ticketed person received a bag of three coins for three different stations. The first was a crayon label maker in which we had to choose a crayon color, type in the custom name of the crayon, then the machine would print the label and spit out the crayon, and then we’d take that to a table and peel and roll the label onto the crayon. Since there were three of us, CJ got to make three custom crayons.


This was one of 12 marker machines.


All we had to do was choose a machine with the color we wanted and then insert the coin and watch the machine inject ink into an empty case to create a marker.

The last station had something to do with crayola play-doh, but we just chose three colors and saved it for home.

photo 1 (95)

This wasn’t a coin station, but people were able to sit at a booth and take selfies to be printed and ready for coloring.

photo 3 (64)

I can’t believe this thing is 3/4 a ton.

photo 2 (93)

Overall, this was much better than what I had expected. Tripadvisor or yelp contributors had given this place so-so reviews that made me skeptical, and I can see with the large crowds and nothing resembling crowd control or directions in forming lines, one can come out of this with a negative experience. But what won me over was the bag of goodies that we all were able to take home, making this a good way to end our family vacation.

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2 Responses to CJ’s Awesome Vacation: Day Four

  1. Jenna says:

    Personalized crayon?! That’s so cool! Looks like such a fun family trip 🙂

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