CJ’s Awesome Vacation: Day 3


With a small kid in tow and being in Pennsylvania, of course we had to hit up Sesame Place. Leading up to the day I was more excited than CJ, but after parking the car he began to understand where he was and was silently in shock and awe.


We’re so glad our carousel training paid off as CJ loved all of the kiddie rides. He didn’t cry at all and was constantly tugging at our shorts for us to hurry up and line up for the next ride.

191 206 219 241

photo 1 (92) photo 2 (90)

photo 1 (93)


We met up with the Au’s which increased CJ’s fun level exponentially.


photo 4 (54)

After torturously spending 40 minutes on a lunch line and quickly eating, we were able to make the next showing for Elmo: The Musical.

photo 3 (62)

CJ was so excited to see Elmo and Cookie Monster sing before his very eyes.

photo 1 (94)

photo 5 (44)

I was able to catch one of the street parades and as the characters were waving, CJ genuinely waved back. He was so excited that he actually fell asleep on my head.

photo 3 (63)

CJ also spent an hour playing around in one of the many water structures and sprinklers, but I forgot to take a photo.

photo 2 (91) photo 2 (92)

294 300 309 325

photo 4 (55)

It was a magical day for CJ and he occasionally asks to return. Realistically, Sesame Place is like a poor man’s Six Flags as I was quite disappointed by its size and uncleanliness, but more so by how the park doesn’t really try too hard in transporting you to Sesame Street. One would expect characters to walk around and here some familiar music, but I guess that’s why Sesame Place isn’t called Disney World.

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