CJ’s Awesome Vacation: Day 2


The next day we went to Cherry Crest Adventure Farm which is filled with a bunch of outdoor activities. Other than photos online, we had no idea what to expect, but it was very cool to hear modern praise songs from the likes of Hillsong blast through the farm’s speakers, and it was a bit funny to see that there were many Amish and Orthodox Jews being subjected to such praise music.


Give me your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.

079 080

This was amazing! A huge balloon for kids to bounce on.


CJ was absolutely loving this.


So much so that we had to come back and let CJ jump some more.

photo 1 (91)

And next to the kiddie balloon was an adult balloon. I absolutely couldn’t resist. It actually proved to be very difficult to jump after a short while which shows how athletic CJ is. This was definitely not for one who has health problems.


Mechanical chickens telling jokes.

110 115 118


I never knew how fun it is to slide through a long tube until last week.

photo 2 (88)

Of course this farm had to have a petting area.

photo 5 (42)

photo 4 (52)

We let EJ wear CJ’s hat because it was better at shading her.

photo 3 (59)

But we had to trick CJ in wanting to trade and wear EJ’s hat.

129 131 141 CherryCrestFarm      photo 2 (89)  photo 3 (61)

CJ falling asleep while eating pirate booty as we drove to our second hotel.

photo 4 (53)

We stayed at a Holiday Express in Easton that was closer to Sesame Place and it was amazing. Very new and clean.

photo 5 (43)

After checking-in, we hunted down the nearest Chick-Fil-A for dinner. Their new grilled nuggets are so good because the pieces of chicken are sliced straight from a seasoned rotisserie chicken breast.

photo (73)

Grace had the great idea of packing CJ’s floaty and he finally learned how to float.

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