Beach Part II

photo 1 (82)

So after my last beach failure I had no further ambition to do so anymore. However, our church was having a family beach day so we figured why not. And to make matters a little less embarrassing, we purchased a quick automatic pop-up tent that made life much easier than the previous monstrosity.

photo 2 (80)

Gathering seashells.

photo 3 (54)

And throwing them back into the ocean because it swallows him up.

photo 4 (47)photo 5 (37)Some good fish tacos.

photo 1 (83)

And some really good sweet plantains.

photo 2 (81) photo 3 (55)

Kiddie group shot.

photo 4 (48)

A momma and daughter shot.

photo 5 (38)

Yay for automatic shade.

photo (72)

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One Response to Beach Part II

  1. Jenna says:

    YES, I love the outfit!!! 😉

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