Go Ninja Go Ninja Go

photo 2 (79)

Because CJ had learned to climb out of his crib at night, and since we wanted to move EJ from the pack-n-play to CJ’s crib, we had recently purchased a toddler bed for CJ. Like any other toddler he would occasionally get out of his bed for various play, pee, or milk excuses, so we set up the baby monitor to check up on him.

photo 3 (53)

A couple of weeks ago I had put CJ to sleep and I happened to check the baby monitor and it was off. I thought I forgot to turn it on, so I didn’t think much of it. The next night I made sure the baby monitor was on and after closing CJ’s door I checked the monitor and it was off. I went back into his room and I saw that the wire to the baby monitor had been pulled out and was dangling. Notice the contraption CJ created placing his Elmo chair above the box. Slick kid, cutting my security system. That’s quite impressive for a 2.5 year old.

photo 1 (81)

And this is EJ a few weeks back. I couldn’t resist the truth.

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2 Responses to Go Ninja Go Ninja Go

  1. Jenna says:

    Like I’ve always said… CJ = GENIUS! And EJ sure is a cutie patootie!

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