photo 3 (51) So last week when we were at the Toysrus in Times Square, I picked up the new 30th Anniversary Ghostbuster Lego set. photo 1 (79) I don’t think I’ve ever purchased a lego specialty set like this before because Lego heavily focuses on Star Wars and surprisingly, although I like Star Wars, I don’t love it. Star Wars is way overrated, lol! So up until know, Lego really hasn’t produced a set to compel me to really go out and buy 2 (77) This was just too nice to pass up. Who doesn’t like The Ghostbusters? Although the instruction booklet is very nicely laid out like a real book, I was surprised to see that there was absolutely no organization as to how all the individual pieces were bagged or separated. I figured that each bag would be comprised of a particular part of the set, but nope. Random pieces everywhere, unlike gundam models, which made it so much more difficult and time consuming to locate the smaller 4 (46)But I’m thankful that Grace actually took the time to join me in my adventure of creating Ecto-1. It was like a Lego date 🙂 photo 5 (36)

As a team, I we finished this 508 piece set in under four hours which I think is pretty quick. As my first completed lego set, I am thoroughly impressed by how solid the design is. The vehicle isn’t simply a shell, but it has its own weight as there are multiple layers and intricacies inside that add to its durability and realism. Although still fragile, I think it can hold its own weight if it were to be handled by CJ. I considered gluing the set, but many collectors online have expressed that it’s sacrilegious to do so because it takes away from the potential of using it for other creative purposes or possibility if CJ wanted to construct the set himself. Now I 1 (80)

I’m sure collectors would have still purchased the set without the included figures, but they’re certainly a nice touch, and the stand adds to the nice display.

photo 2 (78)

Lego, and the original designer, did a really great job in capturing the likeness of the original Ecto-1. You can see that they didn’t miss a beat in providing collectors an authentic and genuine build.


photo 3 (52)

I’d love to get into Lego, but at $50 + tax, this was a little bit overpriced for the casual collector like myself. I think this will be my sole Lego set for quite some time.

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2 Responses to My LEGO GHOSTBUSTERS ECTO-1 Review

  1. Daniel says:

    Sounds like you should now watch the Lego

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