12 Block Epicness

photo 1 (77)

On Saturday, our friends the Jaico’s invited us to join them in participating in the annual NYC Summer Streets event. The city closed off Park Avenue at midtown all the way down to the Brooklyn Bridge for some non-automobile fun.

photo 2 (75)

Loads of people were biking and running up and down Park and 4th Avenues.

photo 3 (49)

We parked on 23rd and walked over to the closest of several stations laid throughout the seven mile route. Those two random Asian girls photobombed my photo.

photo 4 (44)

This particular pitstop was sponsored by Whole Foods that was giving out numerous free samples of sandwiches, milk shakes, ice coffees, and nasty organic yogurt.

photo 5 (34)

NYC was trying to bring about bicycle safety awareness by giving our free bike helmets. Although the line was hot in the sun, it was worth waiting for these free adjustable helmets for the whole family. They even had a small helmet for EJ, but we knew she wouldn’t use it before outgrowing it.

photo 1 (78)

Walking in the concrete jungle.

photo 2 (76)

We stopped off at the Farmer’s Market at Union Square.

photo 3 (50) photo 4 (45)

We took so long standing in line for free stuff and eating and feeding our kids that we only walked about 12 blocks to Astor Place before the event ended at 1pm. Maybe next year we’ll go at a faster pace.

photo 5 (35)

We stopped off at a park in Union Square, and then headed over to Gantry Plaza Park in LIC for some more fun. Not even CJ could handle all the excitement.

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