If you recall, a week and a half ago we visited CJ’s allergist who said that he wanted to conduct a wheat challenge on CJ based on promising skin and blood levels. So last Wednesday we returned to the allergist’s office all excited having prayed for this day to come, and when he calls us in he says he doesn’t believe it’s a good idea to challenge CJ. What?!

The allergist gave three foolish excuses as to why he did not want to conduct the challenge:

  • He thought he told us to bring some farina, a type of wheat element that’s found is most cereals, but he did not tell us that at all. What type of doctor doesn’t have the necessary things used to conduct a test? I even offered to go out and get it and come right back, but he declined.
  • He was concerned about a fishball incident that we mentioned to him last time, but it could have also been eggs.
  • And within the past week, he conducted the same wheat challenge with another child who had similar wheat levels and his reaction was severe and had to go to the hospital.

He was trying to be nice about it, but he was really being a jerk which got us really upset. We feel like if we had brought the farina with us, he wouldn’t have had a problem with giving the challenge because his demeanor changed after we told him we didn’t have it. He even did another skin challenge right there that showed a negative reaction for wheat. And then we asked if we should come back in 6 months and he said just call first. Wow. He knew he was being messed up because he kept saying he wouldn’t charge us anything for this visit as if our $30 co-pay was such a substantial substitute, lol!

We’re sort of glad he’s being cautious, but he gave us so much hope in the last visit and all of his excuses were poor and irrational. I suppose it’s time to search for another allergist.

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