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It was weird as if CJ knew what was happening. I’m sure he sensed something with us speaking more about Grandpa and him in the nursing home. When my uncle called me on Monday to tell me the news, before I could pick up my phone, CJ said, “Bok-Bok” (great-grandfather). And after getting off the phone and telling Grace that my grandfather had died, CJ said sadly, “Bok-Bok died”. I really didn’t think a 2.5 year-old could understand the concept of death, and I was fretting what we would say when he wanted to see Bok-Bok again, but I think he knows now.

CJ never really liked to be around seniors. I once took him with our church to a nursing home visitation and CJ freaked out. But I’m thankful that after a while he warmed up to his great-grandfather. CJ loved speaking to him on the phone and sometimes would ask me to call grandpa so that he could talk to him.

Grandpa 2 (Medium)

I’m comforted that my grandfather got to spend time with CJ and EJ. I think he held out a little bit longer because of his great-grandkids. As I was putting CJ to sleep that night, I asked him, “do you love Bok-Bok?”, and CJ smiled and said, “Yes!” 🙂

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