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Over the course of the past few weeks, Grace has been organizing and purging a ton of CJ’s old clothes as we need to make room for EJ’s stuff. Providentially, Grace received a forwarded email from a non-profit in Queens that was in need of 0-2 year old boy clothes. Well, they struck gold as Grace was able to organize and pack two full garbage bags worth of new and worn clothing. The non-profit was thoroughly impressed with Grace’s skills and said that this was the neatest donation they have ever received. She divided up the clothing into various categories with labels, flowcharts, and a map for each bag. They were so thankful as they immediately packaged up some of our clothing for a few families in need. Amazing. And we still have more clothes to give away to other pregnant families.

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3 Responses to BPC

  1. Janina421 says:

    That’s great that your needs dovetailed with the pregnancy center’s! Always nice to clean out your closets, and also cool when you do things neatly and people appreciate said organization.

  2. Carol says:

    I think Grace is the neatest person I’ve ever met. I still remember those post-its on your kitchen cabinets.

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