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On Friday, I had the urge to take my family to Jones Beach. It’s been a long school year and I wanted to celebrate by relaxing on a beach. Well, it was disaster. The closer parking lot was full so we were forced to park on the other side of road and walk down the underpass. When we hit the sand I was shocked that the immediate area was packed with all of these high school and college young adults. We could have walked a little bit longer and secured a more spacious and secluded spot, but we found something amongst the masses. I thought we had arrived and all I needed to do was to put up this new sun tent that we purchased at Dick’s the morning of. Oh my gosh…what a failure. I spent an hour trying to get this stupid tent up and I just couldn’t for the life of me because it came with the worst directions ever. All it had was one diagram with a small paragraph. That’s it. I had to loop these two super bendable poles that were flailing all over the place. I felt so embarrassed and upset at myself. I was thankful that we had taken EJ’s car seat with us so she was shaded, and Grace was being patient gracious with me, and CJ was happily playing on his own, but I was struggling like never before. I felt like an idiot and that this would make an excellent amazing race challenge.

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In the end I had to admit defeat and pack up and abandon the tent. We quickly finished our lunches and stayed for only 30 minutes more as we burned and headed back home. This was absolutely the biggest fail I’ve experienced as a father so far.

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I’m going to return the damn thing, but I had to try to redeem myself and try one more. After 30 minutes, I got it up the next morning while everyone else was sleeping. My biggest mistake was not inserting the ends of the two poles into these pins at the corners of the tent to create tension and have the tent pop up. It’s actually pretty simple, ha, but this 9×6 tent is way too big for the four of us so Dick’s is taking this back to wipe us of this torturously hilarious memory.

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5 Responses to Fail

  1. Daniel says:

    If you had gone to the LFCC men’s camping trip, you would have known what to do…

    That said, everyone struggled with a similar tent design when we were setting it up. It really is a poor design.

  2. Carol says:

    How much was it? We got a slightly smaller one from Target for $25 and it was easier to set up than put away…which is less frustrating.

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