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Today was the last day of the 2013-2014 school year and I didn’t think I would, but I became a little sad as I distributed report cards and said my goodbyes. As always, I was gifted with a great group of kids and it was amazing to finally see them celebrate their hard work and success today. I truly appreciate those particular students who struggle, but still come to my class each day, trudging along and not giving up. I always thank them for sticking with me and trusting me for ten arduous months because at any given moment they could have given up on me and my class and walked away defeated, but they didn’t. I’m rumored to be a tough teacher that assigns a mountain of work, but the truth is that I try to be a generous grader. There are some intangibles that sometimes just don’t translate into a numerical grade, and it’s those things such as perseverance and respect that I try to reward as well as hard work and smarts. And it’s at the end when my students receive their final grade that they really understand what I was trying to do and who I really am.

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Other than a quiet thank you or a soft goodbye, most students don’t show their appreciation, which in turn magnifies the rare gifts that I do receive.

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I don’t think I ever went to such an extent to thank any of my teachers in public school because I believed they were out to get me or were just in it for the money and summers off, which goes to show how great my students really are.

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5 Responses to MGN11QQB

  1. Janina421 says:

    Did you make up #Suhuwins? Do you use hashtags in your lessons? #Mathislife is pretty true. I guess that would make you pretty cool, Suhu. (And do you have students that actually call you by your last name only? I feel like this isn’t the first time you showed a student note with that greeting.)

    Very cool to see the appreciation from your students.

    • msuhu says:

      ha…yeah, #suhuwins is mine. that and #mathislife are the only two hashtags that I use in the classroom. I think I showed some appreciation notes last year or the year before. All students need to show respect and call their teachers by their last name. I get upset when someone calls me Matthew. It’s pretty rude.

      • Janina421 says:

        Oh, I meant them not using “Mr.” Definitely agree on them not using your first name! I guess at least one of your students called you “bruh,” so perhaps the respectful form of address is all relative.

  2. Carol says:

    You are an awesome teacher, Matt!

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