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My students’ integrated geometry regents scores are in and I made significant gains on my personal geometry regents passing rate relative to my passing rate last year at 65%, which is far above the 50% school passing rate. I am floored! I had little faith that at least 65% of my students would pass, let alone half of them. But 72% is great! However, I am disappointed that I have 12 students who scored between 60 and 64, and I told my three classes this year that there’s always a handful of students who fail by one or a couple of questions. But 12?! That’s a lot. Yet, there is a good amount of surprises as well who I firmly believed would have failed, but passed. And I have the student who scored the highest in the school!

Each year I’m pessimistic concerning how my students will fair on their regents exam because the typical type of student that I receive has not legitimately studied once in their life. That’s why the pressure is all on me to prepare them with the 47 minutes that I have with them five days a week. Outside of class, they’re on their own which normally doesn’t amount to much. But God is always gracious in crushing my expectations, giving me the privilege to teach great students, and having most of them be successful and move onto the next level of math. Wow…done…summer vacation!

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3 Responses to YES!!!

  1. Janina421 says:

    Nice! Looks like you were able to help them remember something day after day. I feel bad for the kids that scored between 60-64. So frustrating. Are they required to pass the Regents to graduate? (And hence if they fail, they have to repeat the class next year?) Or does it act more just as a final exam?

    • msuhu says:

      Yeah, there’s always regrets when it comes to students who miss passing by a question or two.

      Students only need to pass one math regents to pass and all my students already passed the integrated algebra regents, so my class was just for credit and a possible advanced regents diploma.

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