Corn on the Cob

photo 1 (2)

So there’s something growing on my foot, and I think it’s the reason why I was getting pain in my right leg as I was training for my half-marathon back in March. I initially thought it was a callus, and I purchased a pumice stone from CVS to rub and remove it, but I realized that it’s harder than a callus, so I returned the unused pumice stone and purchased Dr. Scholl’s Corn Removers.

photo 2 (2)

I had a corn way back when I was a kid and I remember using the same treatment and it worked for the most part. I think I’ve been in denial that such a small thing could pinch my nerve and hinder me from running my half-marathon, but regardless, I think it’s time to cut this thing out because it’s growing bigger, lol!

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2 Responses to Corn on the Cob

  1. Janina421 says:

    Um. Thanks for sharing? Hope it gets better with Dr. Scholl’s or another podiatrist.

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