No More Classes

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Monday was the last day of classes before final regents exams commenced. Above all, I’m thankful that I was given a great group of students this year. Because of a few external circumstances, my three classes ballooned to full capacity and the first few months were a bit difficult, but as usual, I fell into a groove around November or December and things started to get easier. I had fun with my classes and I think my students enjoyed my sarcasm for the most part.

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Right now my students are on their own and although I’m not sure if most of them will pass the geometry regents, most of them are hard-working and hopefully at the very least they learned something worthwhile from me.

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Personally, this is my favorite time of the year because it’s the beginning of my summer vacation. I work in the program office, so I’m not required to proctor and grade regents exams, but instead I’m sitting in an air-conditioned office working hard, ha! But just like the beginning of a movie, when one’s excitement is most high in anticipation of being thrust into a new world while momentarily leaving behind the one we currently live in, the beginning of my summer vacation is most exciting as I release 10-months worth of stress and dream big for whatever awaits in the coming months.

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