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We’re really happy to have EJ home with us, but things have been a bit overcast because after a routine checkup and with the recommendation to check to see if she has jaundice, her bilirubin level had shot up to 17.9 and then 19.4 from last Friday to Saturday. Anything over 10.0 is not good and 21.0 is the threshold that warrants phototherapy treatment at the hospital.

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The most difficult part was having to keep returning to the hospital to get EJ’s bloodwork done and watch her heel or arm get pricked to draw the blood. Having a newborn get pricked six times in four days is not something to gloss over. And it didn’t go over well with us when a nurse let EJ’s blood clot and also having to wait three to five hours at the hospital on two consecutive days to get all of this done with the lab results. North Shore LIJ Cohen Children’s Medical Center is great because everything that’s needed is there, but they’re so damn slow.

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The last test showed that EJ’s bilirubin level was maintained and satisfied the doctors for the time being. EJ needs to get checked out one more time today to make sure she’s okay.

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We’re thankful to have EJ, but going through all of this less than a week after she was born has sort of sucked some of the joy out of us. Please pray that EJ can be healed and that as a family we all can trust Jesus and get past this. Thanks.

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