$3.50 An Hour

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One of our friends, Amy, works in marketing and one of her clients is BET that held a free Build-A-Bear event, and she was very gracious to invite a few of us from church to tag along. So on Saturday, after dropping off Grace at work, CJ and I drove up to midtown without knowing what to expect other than possibly scoring a free bear.

photo 2 (47)

When we all arrived, we were led downstairs to their event space that was an expanded version of their upstairs storefront workshop, and it was packed and getting even more crowded. Our friend handed us each a small gift bag which contained a $70 Build-A-Bear gift card. WOW! Go BET!

photo 3 (31)

Of course, CJ didn’t know what to do and he was more interested with the cotton-stuffing machine, the blow dryer cleaning machine, and the computers used to create the birth certificates. So I had to coerce him to choose an animal which he didn’t care much for. CJ initially wanted a dog, but he already has three at home, so I made him choose between a tyrannosaurus rex and a monkey.

photo 4 (27)

He chose the monkey, but changed his mind to the t-rex. Just to make sure, I made him choose one more time and he wanted the monkey. We were waiting in line to get it stuffed and right when our turn was next, CJ began to freak out and wanted away from the contraption. Thankfully, Amy got CJ’s monkey stuffed while I walked around with him to choose an outfit. He didn’t really care much for the clothing, but once he saw a bear with the Buzz Lightyear outfit on, he wanted that one. CJ doesn’t really have a liking towards stuff animals, but he was asking for his newly minted monkey last night.

photo 5 (21)

Amy not only invited CJ and friends, but she also helped us take care of our kids during this near chaotic, but super fun time. Thank you, Amy. Plus we still have $30 remaining on the gift card. Maybe we’ll get Monkey Lightyear his own spaceship.

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2 Responses to $3.50 An Hour

  1. Janina421 says:

    Marketing and PR jobs have the best perks. Maybe craziest people to work with too, but still. 😉

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