My MyPublisher Review

photo 1 (49)

I finally got around to completing CJ’s second year photo album. I used Shutterfly my first time around, and with many recommendations, I used MyPublisher for this new one. I scored a deal that allowed me to get up to 50 additional pages for free, and I used 40+ on top of the original 20 pages, so I saved a lot of money. The deal also let me choose the higher quality glossy pages that bring out the photo quality of the pictures.

photo 2 (46)

But aside from the deal, I don’t feel that MyPublisher is that much better than Shutterfly. Both services are nearly identical and one’s preference can primarily be based upon the album creation tools that one uses to build the books. I initially found MyPublisher’s software more cumbersome, but I got acclimated with it and I now see both as nearly the same. Plus it doesn’t help much that Shutterfly purchased MyPublisher not too long ago. They’re both not perfect, and both creation tools are a bit slow, but they do their jobs nicely in producing good photo albums. So for myself, I suppose it’s mainly about which site has the better coupon code and if I have the time to create or finish a photo album before the expiration date.

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