Dental Phobia

photo (48)So after three years, I finally got the courage to schedule a dental checkup and cleaning. The last time I went to the dentist was in 2011 before CJ was born. Afterwards, I just made excuses of not having the time to go. But a few months ago I noticed that I was getting lines of stains between my teeth. They were basically covered by the shadows of my teeth, but if looked upon closer, it looked as if someone took a green pen and drew lines between my teeth.

From what I remember as a kid, this dental office in Rego Park always had super long waits. I’d walk in, sit and wait, get called to take x-rays, sit and wait some more, get called for my cleaning, sit and wait again, and then finally see the dentist. Last week, I was called within minutes and saw my dentist immediately who surprisingly did the cleaning himself as opposed to an assistant doing it. He then sent me off to get my x-rays done, and then I returned to my dentist who said, other than my grinding, my teeth are perfectly healthy. Lol…I win! In an out in 30 minutes, see you in 2017 (jk).

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