One of our favorite couples is moving down to Texas. I wrote in their card that they’re great friends and truly exemplify Christ’s sacrificial love. The card only allowed me space to write about four lines, but what I really wanted to say was that I tend to write the same thing about people in cards, but that I really meant it this time for this particular couple. We’re sad and will really miss them because they’re one of the few people who genuinely like to help others. Normally people only like to help others when it’s convenient of if the other party has earned their grace. However, these friends really live by the gospel and are selfless with their time and resources. They make themselves available not when they can, but when they’re needed. That’s true, gospel-centered love. They get it.

We said our goodbyes yesterday, but to the credit of technology, goodbyes these days really don’t feel like goodbyes because we’re all still connected via email, gchat, and facebook. In any case, I will remember them for three things: for being one of the first people to enjoy CJ’s presence at church, for coming through big time with our church’s softball tournament, and for picking us at the airport. Oh, and for our officer training together, lol.

My hope for them is that the Lord lead them to a church where they can glorify Christ the most.

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2 Responses to DAJ

  1. Janina421 says:

    Thank you! Please do keep our church search in prayer for the next several months. We appreciate this “extended card,” and I feel bad for other people who have gotten your previous cards, hahaha. CJ also looks really cute on your head in this photo.

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