CJ’s 2nd Birthday Party

112 (Medium) We found Elmo in Times Square and paid him $20 to come and make an appearance. 126 (Medium) CJ spent a lot of time wrestling with and throwing Elmo around. 130 (Medium) 131 (Medium) 132 (Medium) 133 (Medium)

We’re thankful that a ton of family were able to come celebrate CJ’s big day at my parent’s house.

140 (Medium) Our relatives gave CJ a ton of new toys to play with. 147 (Medium) 152 (Medium) 153 (Medium) It’s like sitting on tickle-me-elmo. 154 (Medium) CJ has been eyeing this whenever we go to Toysrus. 155 (Medium) Bearpaws for boys and more engineering toys. 157 (Medium) Now CJ can practice drumming at home. 161 (Medium) 167 (Medium)

I know, I shouldn’t have told the person to turn my iphone, but at least the video exists.

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