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I’ve been following Linsanity since the beginning and I’ve practically read most articles from all the major sporting news publications and outlets to be well versed in many things Jeremy Lin. I really wanted to support the documentary during its Kickstarter days, but I just couldn’t justify $50 for a DVD. Thankfully, Time Warner Cable is distributing it via its On-Demand network, so Grace and I watched it at the comfort of our living room for $6.99.

The film is composed of some footage and interviews that haven’t been released to the public, so there were some new things that I hadn’t seen yet. Nonetheless, the documentary works well as an underdog story as it’s very captivating and a great trip down memory lane even if one knows the ending, lol. Sadly, it’s also a reminder of how good we had it here as Knicks fans and how quickly things deteriorated after only a few months from when linsanity erupted.

photo (15) I recently had a discussion with a friend about the relevance of Jeremy Lin in regards to his race and identity not only in the NBA, but in society across the nation. My friend was arguing that all of the press about Jeremy Lin was irrelevant and hurting the perception of Asians, but I wholeheartedly disagreed because “I am more interested and drawn to Jeremy Lin because I’m an Asian American Christian just like him and I want to see him succeed because of that connection. When he succeeds, I succeed because that means it’s one more thing that non-Asians can’t say that Asians can’t do. And that is why Jeremy Lin is relevant today.” I really connect and identify with Lin and with the things he goes through just to carve out a place for himself in such an adverse world, and so I don’t believe such a story should be repressed, but more celebrated and sought after.

Stupid Dolan.

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