Baby Doll

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Last week we had a speech therapist and special education teacher come over and evaluate CJ to see if he qualifies for early speech intervention services. After asking Grace and I many questions,  they broke out an entire suitcase of toys, puzzles, and books for CJ to play with. They spent about 30 minutes playing with CJ, asking him questions, and trying to see if he can follow directions and point things out. The two individuals were very nice and seemed like they knew what they were doing, ha. Afterwards, the evaluators said that they had to write up their observations and then submit them to early intervention services and they decide if CJ qualifies for additional help, but in their opinion, they said that CJ is almost where he’s supposed to be at and may simply require just a few more months before speaking. They also said that because CJ is able to absorb and understand a lot, he most likely won’t qualify as the child must be deficient in both listening and speech. In any case, we’re thankful for the prognosis, especially the fact that his cognitive skills are fine, and are just praying that the Lord will continue to do his will CJ’s life.

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