No Pain No Gain

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After a month of revitalized training, I’m finally back and better. After school started up, I was limited to one run a week and I feared that the decrease in my frequency of running would hurt my stamina, but the effects were far worse. My muscles weakened and its memory well faded, lol. Among muscle cramps, I developed shin splints in my right leg which are either irritated and swollen muscles or tiny stress fractures. In any case, over the course of September I could barely run two miles without stopping to rub my shins and I couldn’t go more than a total of six miles. It got so bad to the point where I thought about giving up and delaying my race until next year.

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Well, since I had the time Friday night, I decided to go for it and do a ten mile run. I knew that the only thing that could keep me going was the confidence from a very long run. As usual, the pain fell upon me soon enough, but I toughed it out, ran to Barnes & Nobles for a quick breather and pee break, and then ran back out. Surprisingly, I was okay and I felt light on my feet. I really think it was the adrenaline that pushed me through. I hadn’t been able to run without pain in a month, so I gunned it and after many spontaneous and aimless turns, I was able to do ten miles. There were many times I wanted to give up, but pushing myself to do that extra mile or two really helped.

Now I know I can do Saturday’s Tough Mudder event. After three months of training, 109.1 miles, from 0.95 miles to 10.6 miles, I’ve arrived. Well, not really until after Saturday. I just hope I don’t cramp up.

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