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Yesterday, we went to the local YMCA that’s located a block away from us on Yellowstone Blvd to register CJ for a health and fitness class. And no, it’s not because he’s chubby. We want him to have more opportunities to socialize with kids around his age because he mostly hangs out with us and his relatives. The majority of the kids at church are bigger and there just aren’t many chances at church for him to play with other kids. We’ve tried putting him the nursery and he’ll just cry non-stop. This past Sunday he cried for 45 straight minutes before we took him out. But we can tell he wants to socialize because he practically waves at every person that passes by him when we go out for walks. And the other reason is since the colder weather is coming, it’ll be slightly more difficult for my mother-in-law to take him outside, especially when it snows. So Grace thought it’d be a great idea for us to have the option of bringing CJ to the YMCA on days when it’s not good to play outside. Hopefully CJ will like the Y as much as I did when my dad would take me to the one in Flushing on Northern Blvd for swimming lessons.

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