Happy Birthday, Mom!!!


Tonight, we celebrated our mom’s birthday at Ippudo Westside in midtown.

photo 1 (98)

We’ve been to the original and more popular Ippudo establishment downtown near St. Mark’s place. I think part of the hype comes from not taking reservations and closing their doors are 3pm and reopening at 5pm which can lead to super long lines. Well, we arrived 30 minutes before opening and were first in line as we watched the staff prepare for evening service.

photo 2 (98)

We love Ippudo’s ramen, but we love their appetizers and special starters even more. My parents went all out and ordered two of whatever their stomach’s desired. We ordered two different types of fried chicken dishes and they were very good, but I was really impressed with their hirata chicken buns that reminded me of a big mac because of the mayo sauce.

photo 3 (59)

We also ordered two servings of the miyazaki wagyu steak. WOW!!! Although I love meat, I’m really not a steak guy, but I was blown away by these medium rare slices of meat. They just melted in my mouth. I haven’t had Peter Luger’s steak in nearly a decade, but man, this was just as good.

photo 5 (33)

I ordered the traditional ramen and given that I dislike ramen, I really liked my bowl. This was much better than the Astoria ramen place we sometimes go to.

photo 4 (46)

My mom enjoying her sea bass.

photo 1 (99)

I ordered extra pork shoulder for my ramen so that CJ could have some.

photo 2 (99)

He had a great time as well…with our iphones.

photo 4 (47)

I didn’t think it could get any better, but after our entrees we ordered mango and pistachio gelato ice cream, some really good cake, and fruit tarts. All really delicious.

photo 3 (60)

My wonderful parents.


We all had a grand time. Great food and even better company. Unfortunately Kristen was at a wedding and Ippudo doesn’t allow guests to take home leftovers. So my parents came prepared with a plastic container and snuck in a bun and few pieces of chicken to take home for my sister so that she could also take part in the birthday festivities.

We thoroughly enjoyed my mom’s birthday celebration as we’re reminded the Lord has blessed us with a beautiful mother who has shown us Christ. Happy Birthday, mom…we love you šŸ™‚

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4 Responses to Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

  1. Jenna says:

    Happy birthday, Momma Suhu šŸ™‚

  2. Carol says:

    LOL! Plastic container…that’s smart planning in advance! Happy belated, Mrs. Suhu!

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