Labor Day Fellowship

photo 1 (92)

As always, most people assume that everyone else has plans during days off, but in the end a lot of people end up staying home and doing nothing or doing their own thing because no one bothers to ask anyone else what they’re doing. Well, three of our families from King’s Cross decided to meet up for some Labor Day dim sum in the morning. We had a wonderful early lunch as we got to order a lot different things and for the most part our kids were very well behaved and ate their food.

photo 2 (91)

It so happened that all of us didn’t have any plans for the remainder of the day. And despite the forecast of some rain, Grace and I invited them over to Caleb’s Water World and all of the boys loved it. We had a great time sitting around and watching our kids interact and play in the pool. Seeing our kids grow up together within a church community is an amazing experience and hopefully they can look back one day and see how interconnected they all are by God’s divine grace.

Thanks Mom & Dad for letting us use your backyard, table, and chairs 🙂

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