2013 Living Faith Softball Tournament

photo (59)

Saturday was the second annual Living Faith Softball Tournament at Cunningham Park in Queens. 15 teams from various churches came out to compete for various championships and trophies. Planning was much easier this year as most everyone knew their role and things went very smoothly as we had no complaints and even the umpires were impressed with how things were being run and asked if we wanted to organize a Saturday softball league. No. It was also great to hear that each church was able to sit down and fellowship and pray with another church which didn’t happen last year. So I’m glad that this tournament wasn’t simply used to play softball and boast our egos, but people were definitely meeting new people and uplifting them to the Lord.


In any case, the newly formed King’s Cross team did pretty well considering it was our debut. We went 2-2 and snuck into the playoffs. As always, we should have done better, but due to a lack of experience and numerous injuries, we imploded a few times. But we ended up playing our mother church, LFCC, in the first round and that was extremely fun. I actually didn’t want to and scheduled our respective teams not to meet in the round robin, but by God’s will, we met in the playoffs which was the game to watch. As the pitcher pitching to my former teammates, it was very weird as I was fighting conflicting feelings of wanting to win, but also wanting the team that I helped startup and captain for many years finally advance deep into the playoffs. In the end, LFCC beat us 11-7. I was very upset and disappointed that I couldn’t make it a closer game for us and it took my leave of absence to get the team to the next round, but I was very happy for them at the same time and they went all the way to the final game, but lost to Vision Church 9-3.

This was definitely a tournament to remember and I hope that the tradition can continue next year.

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