Nuts 4 Nuts

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Last Friday was my last free Friday of the summer, so I decided to have a lunch date with Grace one last time. But before heading over to the upper west side, I visited Times Square and went all touristy.

photo 2 (79)

Living in New York is the worst excuse to enjoy the city, so sometimes one has to endure the subway and just go out and do it.

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After walking around Times Square, I had an hour to kill before meeting Grace for lunch, so I decided to walk up to 68th and 1st Ave. After I began walking I opened up my maps iphone app and didn’t realize how long a walk it would take me. So then I went hunting for one of those new Citi Bike stations and amazingly there was one around the corner from where I was standing at the time. I was really excited at the prospect of navigating the crowded Manhattan streets while blowing by both cars and pedestrians. But before I took the plunge I looked up the closest station near Grace’s hospital to see where I’d drop the bike off and sadly it was nine blocks away. I was completely deflated and walked on.

photo 4 (39)

I kept walking past the normal street vendors that were all selling similar items. One new thing that I hadn’t seen before were the superhero metallic sign posts. I wasn’t going to buy one, but I just wanted to see how much they were and one guy said $10 for the Batman sign. I nodded my head and just walked away and the vendor chased me down and offered $8. I was tempted to say $7, but I have absolutely nowhere to hang one, although I could put it in my classroom, so I just kept moving on.

photo 5 (28)

I then got the bright idea of at least getting some delicious macaroons from the Macaroon Cafe on 59th and Madison Ave. I bought a dozen for $27. Pricey, but a rare treat.

photo (57)

I met Grace in front of the same Belgian restaurant, Le Pain Quotidien, that we ate at the last time we went out on a lunch date. By this time my iphone battery died, but we had an enjoyable time and are looking forward to our next lunch date next summer, lol.

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