6 Days

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Yesterday was my last day teaching at Elite Academy. This was my eighth summer and as always it was an interesting experience. All in all I think there are two takeaways for me, the first being that I’m smarter than I think I am. I was able to effectively teach my students and myself SAT math problems that have always intimidated me. My real SAT math score is just okay, but more on the shameful side with me being Asian. But through my students, I pushed myself to see what I’m really made of and I’m impressed that I’m able to successfully complete the 54 questions with only slight hindrance from two or three problems. They’re not that bad and I know it’s helped to sharpen and grow my math skills.

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And lastly, I began to see and understand the greater need of the gospel in Flushing. In my mind’s eye I’ve always thought that Flushing is dominated by Asians who dress nicely and want to seem as if they have everything put together. But working in the heart of Flushing has helped me see beyond the veil in which there are many people hurting and yearning for community. There were many times this summer when I saw elderly and poor people needing help in varying degrees, or even an individual who was literally lost and confused in the streets. I think I’m beginning to finally take note of how broken the people of Flushing are and how much they really need a savior.

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