Look, There’s a Map!


On Saturday after eating Shake Shack, we headed over to Central Park to find a playground for CJ to have some fun at. Well, Central Park is pretty big so we sort of had a difficult time finding a playground, but thankfully there are 21 playgrounds to choose from. This first one was geared more for toddlers and young kids who can run, so CJ was a bit slow and outmatched.


So we walked a little further up the Westside and came across this very friendly playground made for kids 1-2 years old.


CJ has gotten into the habit of sliding down backwards.


Even mommy couldn’t persuade him otherwise.


The structures were very wide, enclosed, and low to the ground which made it very comfortable and ideal for CJ and us.


He’s a bit lazy and prefers to go up the way he came down.


Of course he just had get his water on and make it rain.


This is why we always keep a change of clothes with us.


So fascinating.


CJ on a horse.


He had to show the girl how it’s done.


It’s poopy time!

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2 Responses to Look, There’s a Map!

  1. Kristen says:

    that second photo of CJ belongs in a baby gap ad

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