WOW-ed Wings

photo 2 (73)

Yesterday, after visiting the Queens Hall of Science, we ate dinner at the new Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Forest Hills. We ordered a 20-piece traditional dish that allowed us to get up to four different flavors. We treated ourselves to hot BBQ, honey BBQ, parmesan garlic, and dried buffalo seasoning. Now, this was our second time eating at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant with the first being good, but we were disappointed with the 40-minute wait for our food. But this time we received our food in 10-minutes and were blown away by the flavors we had chosen. Grace enjoyed the parmesan garlic, I fell in love with the dry seasoning, and CJ liked the honey BBQ flavor. I think this was the best set of wings I’ve ever tasted. I was quite satisfied afterwards.

Now we’re torn between this and Planet Wings in Rego Park. Planet Wings is cheaper, comes with fries and a drink, and they deliver. If we were to want Buffalo Wild Wings, we’d have to either eat there or order a pick-up, but it just may be worth the effort as all the tasty flavors are very unique and tasty and their wings are bigger too.

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