Softball: Finally

Brendon Softball Matt - 3So after numerous scheduling conflicts and poor weather, we finally got underway with our first King’s Cross softball scrimmage ever and it was really fun.

Brendon Softball Matt - 1

Just to get back out onto the field brings back a flood of summer memories of playing with so many different friends throughout the years at Cunningham Park. Many disregard the game or any team effort, but the friendship and camaraderie built together amongst teammates is so solid and almost unparalleled in an ad hoc situation of building relationships that such venues that gathers a group of people to work towards one goal is simply amazing.

Brendon Softball Matt - 5I was surprised that I did pretty well myself. I went 2 for 2 with a groundball single and an RBI single into the outfield, and I held the opposing team to 1 run. Not bad for a 32-year old.

Brendon Softball Matt - 6

This being our first time playing together as a team, we actually have a good team built around youth and energy as we won both scrimmage games. I didn’t have much for expectations, but after this weekend I think we have a legit chance of making the playoffs in the tournament and possibly going all the way.

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