Righty World

Yesterday on facebook, I posed the following question:

In your opinion, are there any glaring, unobvious, disadvantages in being left-handed? 

Below are some of my friend’s responses:

  • there are none! go lefties!
  • Most notebooks are made for right-handed people. As a lefty, when you write, your hand goes over the ink and smears it from time to time.
  • Lefties are superior…
  • Agree with the notebook thing. I always had to take papers out of the binder to write and I would never put it back and lost my notes. Also your limited in positions u can play in baseball.
  • they entertain right field when batting.
  • Driving, pens on a chain at the bank are not comfortable to use…nevertheless lefties are brilliant.
  • Scissors and some musical instruments?
  • Lefty golf clubs are harder to find.
  • Distinct advantage in sports! Righties are used to playing against righties and don’t know how to handle a lefty. Lefties are used to playing against righties. Includes sports like tennis, basketball, volleyball, baseball (pitcher).
  • scissors.
  • Guitar.
  • Let me guess, are you concerned because Caleb is a lefty? Ellie most probably sill be too. I gave up trying to change it and just let it be.

I think I’m pretty much convinced that I need to change CJ to be a righty. It’s still early as he doesn’t care which hand he scribbles crayons with, but the challenge may involve switching CJ’s eating hand. I know this isn’t a big thing at all, and I don’t mind my son being different than most people, but there seems to be a good handful of reasons why righties have it easier sometimes, and I don’t think it’s wrong at all to take full advantage of such an opportunity.

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