Righty or Lefty

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So it seems that CJ may prefer being a lefty than a righty. We’ve known for quite a while since he handles a fork and spoon better with his left hand than his right, and with a few people noticing that he kicks things with his left leg confirms that he’s developing into a lefty. My parents tell me I was a lefty until they switched me to be a righty because this is a righty world. I actually still brush my teeth using my left hand and find it very unnatural to use my right.

In any case, I do agree that things seem easier for righties than lefties, but I’ve never really been able to confirm this. Well, coincidentally, yesterday in my class I noticed that four of my students are lefties. So I asked them if they ever felt at a disadvantage or even oppressed because they are left-handed, and not to my surprise they all said they enjoyed being lefties and didn’t feel any different than righties. We talked about school desk armrests to how lefties can write without smudging their sentences and how lefty athletes are more prized than righties. And we even got into how lefties use pc mice with their right hand. At the end they all urged me to allow my son to develop how he wants to naturally grow and not to change him into a righty.

I’m not entirely settled on the issue, and of course I’ve googled this topic and nothing really jumps out at me as an uncomfortable or severe disadvantage in being left-handed, so I’m still open to both sides of the argument.


Here’s a short video documenting the neurological and bodily effects of being a lefty.

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