Dinner at the Xia’s

photo 1 (57)

Once again, our friends Jane and Curtis invited us over for dinner yesterday when it was our turn to host. They cooked a delicious meal with pasta, chicken, and veggies. Even the apple salad was amazing, and I dislike eating salad because of its waste of space.

photo 4 (28)

We bought over a pack of frozen creme brulee desserts from Trader Joe’s. Everyone liked it but me. It just seemed like regular ice cream. Very ordinary.

photo 2 (57)

Then Curtis broke out his blender and just added watermelon to give us the simplest, yet most delicious and refreshing smoothie ever. I was floored at how easy it was to make this without adding anything to the watermelon. It was pure bliss.

photo 3 (35)

CJ definitely loved the watermelon smoothie as he kept coming back to us for more.

photo 5 (19)

Jane and Curtis and their son form such a nice family. They’re so generous with their home and time. We had a wonderful time sharing life and encouraging each other. And although their boy and CJ are five months apart, they got along together in the end and were giving each other nice big hugs.

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