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I was pretty deflated yesterday about not being able to exchange my useless coins for some useful gift cards. For a while, I actually settled for the possibility that I would just have to use my coins wisely by planning my small purchases ahead of time and bank on the grace of cashiers to patiently wait for me to pay for my lunch or other small items  with coin.

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But then it was a clear day and I absolutely hate giving up once I start something, so after work I trekked once again to the Western Beef supermarket since it was a nice day without any torrential storms in sight. I actually called ahead of time to make sure the coinstar machine was fully functional and to my delight, the guy on the phone was correct. I gleefully dumped all of my coins into the sorter and listened to the beautiful sound of the machine clank away and gulp down my metallic gold. I was slightly disappointed with the $50 return as I thought I had a more substantial amount of money in the bag, but I suppose that was so because I took out all of the quarters to use for parking in Flushing for work. And I chose an amazon gift card because I need to purchase a few books for my elder training…lol.

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One Response to Jackpot

  1. Janina says:

    It’s your choice in the end, but consider supporting the Westmin Book Store! I don’t think they sell all the books on the reading list, but a lot of them are comparable price (the counseling and Presbyterian titles). You can use the Amazon card to treat yourself or your family instead. 😉

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