Subway Noob

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I work four days a week and have Friday’s off. So last Friday while my mother-in-law took care of CJ, I decided to treat myself and trek out into the city during the tail end of the week long heatwave. Before going into the depths of the subway, I armed myself with a large sweetened iced tea.

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While riding the train, I read up on the story that the next X-Men film that’s due out next summer is based on.

photo 3 (29)

Like a true tourist I had to stop and be in awe of how beautiful Times Square really is.

photo 4 (22)

My first stop was the ToysRus at Times Square.

photo 1 (51)

Obligatory photo with the T-Rex.

photo 1 (52)


So many Iron-Men.

photo 4 (23)

I ended up getting two Marvel action figures to add to my X-Men figure collection.

photo 2 (51)

I then walked over the Midtowncomics on 40th and 7th Ave. This is the best comic book store in all of the five boroughs and probably the tri-state area. They have three large locations in Manhattan, each with two floors, one for comic books and the other for collector’s merchandise. I browsed around, but just bought one Superman Unchained book.

photo 3 (31)

I only had two places of interest on my agenda, but I wanted to make the most of my rare time out in Manhattan, so I decided to call Grace and surprise her at work with a lunch date. I finally got to visit her office when her co-workers were around and it was fun to finally meet and put faces to some names that I regularly hear about after Grace comes home from work each day.

photo 4 (24)

We ate at Le Pain Quotidien, a Belgian restaurant one block away from Grace’s hospital. The atmosphere was very relaxed as we got to take our own seats, but were still served and waited upon.

photo 5 (16)

The food was excellent as they specialize in finger sandwiches. I had the prosciutto and mozzarella and Grace had the curried chicken salad. For such elegant sandwiches for around $12-$14, this was pretty good.

photo 2 (49)

We ended our rare date with some cheesecake.

photo 1 (50)

We really enjoyed our impromptu date not only because it was unexpected, but also because this was a rare instance in which we didn’t have CJ with us. We missed the guy, but it was just so relaxing for us.

photo 3 (30)

My mother-in-law requested a sandwich from McDonald’s and sadly I succumbed to the temptation of french fries. I justified it because I had already completed my daily run in the morning and I did so much walking and sweating in Manhattan that I thought a small fries couldn’t really hurt. Well, I don’t know if it made a difference, but I really enjoyed those french fries.

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