Runner’s High

photo 5 (14)

So I’ve always heard of this thing called a runner’s high, a state in which a runner gets over a physical exhaustion hump and can virtually run longer distances without much discomfort, but I never really believed it. Well, I think I finally achieved it last night. I’ve run for five consecutive days now and I’ve been feeling less and less exhausted after each run. I’m not as out of breath as when I started running three or four weeks ago. After setting a pace of 2 miles, I’ve finally been able to slowly increase my distance a little bit at a time to 2.1 – 2.35 miles. Moreover, I’ve been doing this through this week’s 90+ heatwave. Nuts!

After many laborious runs, I didn’t think I’d finally get to this point, but I’m beginning to actually enjoy running. It’s a completely different experience to be able to cover so much ground on my own without any technological aid. I don’t think I’d call myself a runner yet, but I’ve kept this up for much longer than what I had imagined. There was always a part of me that thought that I would give up because running was so foreign and difficult for me. I figured that I could try another type of cardio workout to prepare me for my Tough Mudder event, but I’m glad it hasn’t come to that. Everyday I run, I believe a little more that I can really do this…lol! Maybe I’m getting addicted to running. What?!

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