Jackman Tickets

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I picked up my Wolverine tickets for next Thursday’s opening night showing. I never really liked the previous X-Men films. I thought they were too boring and focused too much on individual characters rather than being a true team film, so I’m hoping that this new and darker take on Wolverine will do the trick and finally get me to fully accept the cinematic version of The Wolverine.

I’m really digging this AMC Fresh Meadows 7 movie theater with reserved leather seating. I always felt reserved seating was the next step in movie watching and it’s a big hit. I really don’t see myself watching a movie in any other theater if it’s up to me. Just the fact that I don’t have to get to the theater ahead of time, nor do I have to rush if I’m close to being on time really seals the deal. The leather seats are a definite plus, but simply knowing that my seat is waiting for me is truly amazing.

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