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Yesterday, we celebrated Independence Day by taking our second-annual trip to do some shopping at Woodbury Commons with Grace’s mom. Most shops had store-wide 50% off sales, and although it was crowded, it wasn’t as crowded as Black Friday.

CJ likes to be in control, so when stationary objects begin moving, aside from being in the car or stroller, he gets nervous. So we never really let CJ ride one of those quarter machines before because we just knew he’d get scared. However, since CJ didn’t really have any fun shopping, we decided to give him a small treat as he loves Sesame Street. He seemed to be okay just sitting in the fire truck, so we gave it a try. I think he did okay, at least he didn’t freak out and want to be carried. Oddly, after the ride was over he became more comfortable and wanted more.

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We arrived at 10am and were doing very well, including scoring a table to sit at during lunch, but when it hit 1pm it got blazing hot. Not as humid as what we’ve been experiencing down here, but still hot. The weather basically sucked the shopping spirit out of us as we just wanted to stay in AC and go home.

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Afterwards, we drove back down and went to my parent’s place for a relaxing afternoon of pigging out and watching CJ enjoy himself once more in the pool.

photo 4 (18)

As always, my parents did a great job making their bbq ribs.

photo 3 (24)

But my sister did equally as well with her new signature curry fishballs. I normally don’t like eating fishballs, but these were excellent…best fishballs I’ve ever tasted. Seriously.


It was a great and memorable day spent with both sides of our families able to come and eat together.


Thank you George Washington and Will Smith for making this day possible.

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2 Responses to ID4

  1. curryfishball says:

    really, best fishballs? what about the ones in hong kong??

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