World War Z - World Premiere - Inside Arrivals

I didn’t think I would, but I really liked World War Z mainly because it’s different than most other zombie films and is a breath of fresh air to the genre. Instead of focusing on a small group of people holed up at some barn or endlessly driving on a highway trying to figure out how to survive, this film instead followed Brad Pitt’s U.N. character as he traverses the world with the military trying to figure out how the infection started and thereby finding a cure. This is new as we get to see how the rest of the world is handling the zombie apocalypse as opposed to just assuming that all forms of government and military have broken down. In the movie, there are some countries and military factions that still function properly and are battling the undead while rescuing survivors. In essence, this zombie film gives us a much broader scope of how the infection is effecting the world, thus World War Z, than a normal zombie movie would. I also liked it as the story gives us a brand new take on the virus, how it operates, and what these zombies are really after. And the beginning is very intense. Brad Pitt was solid as always. Is it a perfect zombie movie? Of course not, but if you simply sit down and enjoy yourself, there really aren’t many negatives about this film. Great stuff.

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Now, some people will unknowingly relate the film to its source material in the 2006 book, but they are really two different entities. As the film focuses on one U.N. character tasked with finding a cure, the book follows a different U.N. character trying to document events relating to the zombie war after it has run its course a decade after the infection first started. Its chapters are composed of various unrelated interviews that give us a much broader spectrum of the war, its origin, the survival and relocation process, and how governments eventually adapted new military tactics and technologies to fight the zombies. It’s a more encompassing and fuller story than that of the film’s story. I really loved the book as you felt that this was an actual world war, whereas the film was more of a mystery filled with zombies and soldiers.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the movie and give this a 4 out of 5.

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