Thin Kalbi?!

photo 1 (38)

Since Grace works most Saturday’s, I have most of the day with CJ. Last summer I used to take CJ out any chance I got, but now he’s a bit more antsy and can be a handful when he wants to get out of his stroller, and because of the winter, I haven’t really taken a walk alone with CJ on a Saturday for the longest. It’s also sometimes difficult because his nap falls right around noon time and I normally pick up Grace at 3pm from work which doesn’t leave me much time to do anything.

photo 2 (36)

But this past Saturday I ventured off. I had to drop off a package at a UPS dropoff store on Austin St., so I took CJ to Barnes & Noble afterwards. The AC was a nice touch too.

photo 3 (21)

I used to hesitate going to B&N’s with CJ because he would simply take all of the books off the shelves, but he’s developed a good organization quirk in which he needs to put things back in their place, so he was actually an angel putting books back on a shelf, albeit the wrong ones.

photo 5 (10)

I walked by a bargain table and saw this thick $40 Dark Knight Manual selling for $12.98. A definite steal that was still 50% off from Amazon’s price, so I just had to get it and it’s actually pretty cool with various pullouts, inserts, and maps. It’s like an adult pop-up book.

photo 4 (16)

Grace texted me in the early afternoon saying that she was going to be late getting out, so I called my parents and they were free to allow CJ to swim in his pool. Although only in the low 80’s, it was really humid so it was a great day for CJ to rule his water kingdom.

photo 4 (17)

After picking up Grace from work, we had Korean food for dinner on Queens Blvd near the 59th Street bridge. She then got the craving for banana ice-cream and remembered a popular ice-cream shop on Metropolitan Avenue called Eddie’s Sweet Shop.

photo 2 (37)

We’ve never been there, so we had no idea what were walking into. Little did we know that this was a 100 year old sweets shop that’s quite the hangout. The decor was very old fashioned with tons of character.

photo 1 (39)

We sat at the bar and quickly ordered our banana ice-cream and golfed it down like ice-cream zombies.

photo 3 (22)

There’s another ice-cream shop on Austin Street that we can’t remember if they have banana ice-cream or not, but regardless I can imagine us coming back to Eddie’s for more.

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6 Responses to Thin Kalbi?!

  1. Janina says:

    Looked like such a fun Saturday! I ❤ banana ice cream (much to Danny's chagrin). Nice deal on The Dark Knight Manual too. I worked with that company on a few books, when I was still in publishing–they do pretty cool movie books, with removable scrapbook stuff and lots of behind the scenes photos and stories.

  2. Jenna says:

    I love Eddie’s Sweet Shop! My uncle grew up in Forest Hills and him and my aunt used to go on dates there 🙂

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