Zombie Runner

photo 4 (1)

Last night I ran the best run of my life. I really can’t believe that I reached my 2-mile goal within three runs. 75% of the run was uphill and it was pretty humid. And I only took one 25 second walking break. If you remember from my last run, my shins and calves were killing me before even reaching the 0.5-mile mark. I really didn’t think I could reach two miles last night because it was humid, but at least it was breezy and the temperature had cooled down.

photo 3

Before this, although I’ve been gungho about doing this touch mudder challenge, I still had lingering doubts that perhaps I’d be too slow for my team or I’d just give up. Straight up embarrassed. But now I really think I can do this. My next goal will be to run two miles without stopping. Ha.

[I accidently posted this last night when I meant it for this morning. So if you subscribe to my blog via email, then I suppose you got an extra treat. If you don’t subscribe, shame on you.]

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2 Responses to Zombie Runner

  1. Jenna says:

    There’s a LFCC running club if you want to join! But it’s mostly at Alley Pond Park…

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