I really enjoyed Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel film. Although not perfect by any means, I understand that it’s quite difficult to do a Superman movie correctly and I think this one is pretty close to anything that anyone can hope for.

The story goes way too fast, I was hoping that Superman would get even more of a beatdown from his fellow Kryptonians, the film was a bit dry lacking humor, and Henry Cavill was sort of stiff, but other than that I think this film got it right…much better than Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. I loved the Kryptonian backstory that took a large chunk of the beginning which helped the viewer understand more of why Kal-El was sent to Earth and why General Zod wants Superman so badly. The protrayal of all four of his parents really grounded the film and helped to humanize him and show the conflict of his identity and purpose. I also liked the little emotion that Henry Cavill was able to display as the Man of Steel which reminded me of Christopher Reeve’s rendition. And my major pet peeve about all preceding Superman films was finally put to rest as we’re able to see Superman use his full range of powers without holding back. It was like a brawlfest and that’s what was needed to flesh out what Superman can do.

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I appreciated that this film was really about a first contact story with aliens. It was very sci-fi-ish with much of the story focusing on how humanity may react to its first encounter with extraterrestrials. And I loved all of the Jesus references. It was a little too contrived when Superman says he’s 33 years old, but having him go and talk to a priest was very interesting in trying to see how religion and superheroes can coexist.

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I had a lot of fun and I know many of my friends disliked the movie, but it’s only because they were expecting something deep, Dark Knight-ish, and nearly perfect. Perhaps for the next film, but for now I think this first reboot did a really good job in finally telling a tight, intriguing, and somewhat realistic and believable Superman tale. This is the Superman move that I’ve been waiting years for and it’s finally arrived.

I give this a 4 out of 5 stars.

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