The Infected

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Last Friday, during the middle of the heat wave, I felt very weak and tired when I awoke to go to work. I showered and I still felt hot. So hot that I told my wife that I simply had to leave the apartment without her (we normally take the subway together) because I couldn’t stand the stickiness. As I walked, rode the subway, and walked some more, I began to realize that I wasn’t tired, but that my muscles were achy. Not good. I did my best to teach, but as the day wore on I just could not gather the energy to do much. I had to sit for most of my teaching periods while my students just worked on some math problems. I also had some chills which immediately means the flu, but I wasn’t sniffling or sneezing at all, so I thought perhaps I had heat exhaustion. I had a hard time sleeping the night before as I was definitely hot, but I made sure to hydrate myself the entire morning and it just couldn’t be possible since I was experiencing chills.

So around the middle of the day I got permission to leave and go home. My body was shutting down on me and I just wasn’t feeling it. I left, bought myself a taro slushy to help cool me down on the way home, ate a sandwich that my mother-in-law made, and then went to bed. I slept for about 1.5 hours, but I was cold sweating, and in and out of my slumber. I woke as if I hadn’t napped at all. I showered and felt a little bit better, still weak, but able enough to take care of CJ.

That night I continued to have restless sleep. Come Saturday, thankfully the wife took off from work to take care of her ailing husband…ha! I was still weak, but okay for the most part. We went to our church’s monthly vision leader’s meeting and then attended my cousin’s 100-day celebration of his second daughter. We went home and I was just exhausted. I felt as if I had just played football. So then I started to really pay attention. I downloaded the WebMD app, checked off my symptoms of hot flashes and weakness and it said, although only about 20% certain, I was experiencing heat exhaustion. This wasn’t possible anymore because it’s cured within hours of hydration and the cooling down of the body and it was past 30 hours. Although I wasn’t sneezing with a runny nose, I was experiencing some phlegm, so I checked that off with my other two symptoms and then WebMD immediately shot up to 100% sure of me having a cold. Well, this certainly wasn’t any normal cold as I hadn’t sneezed in days. This was something different and new.

The next day on Sunday I felt better and stronger as I was able to give my testimony on Sunday at church, but by mid-afternoon I began to lose my voice. By nightfall it was nearly gone and I was coughing like crazy. I had to take Nyquill to help with decongestion so that I could breath and sleep.

Come Monday morning, I had completely lost my voice. Of course, my students were laughing at me, but I couldn’t let up on them since their regents exams are a week away so I did my best to whisper as loudly as I could to teach. On Tuesday my coughing got worse, my voice was still gone, but I was able to hack up more phlegm which was surprisingly green. I didn’t know this, but green phlegm is a symptom of a bacterial infection. Gross.

As of now I’m much better. I hacked more green phlegm this morning, my voice is completely back, and my coughing is slightly subsiding. I should have went to see a doctor for antibiotics, but I think it’s a bit late as I’m on the up and up now. However, now my wife feels achy as she came home early from work today. We just hope CJ doesn’t catch this unknown monster, which is more likely than not.

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