Weekend Review: Elmo vs. CJ

photo 1 (21)

On Saturday after driving the wife into Manhattan for work, I drove home and walked CJ over to our local park. I figured it’d be significantly less crowded than most afternoons and I wanted to tire him out a bit so he’d nap a little earlier and be rested for the rest of the day. We had the park to ourselves all for a good ten minutes until other Chinese families showed up since them Chinese peoples don’t sleep.

photo 2 (21)

It turned out that the wife was able to get out of work earlier than expected, so I ended up waking CJ up from his hour long slumber, drove back out into the city, then returned to Queens for H. Chen’s first birthday party at Gyro World. The Chen’s were very generous and accommodating as they left a full plate of meats, breads, and calamari  just for us latecomers. This was my fourth time at Gyro World and it surely did not disappoint. The Chens had an Elmo helium balloon that was twice CJ’s size, but he was able to wrestle it down for the count.

photo 3 (13)

Afterwards, we headed out to Alley Pond Park for the King’s Cross first annual Day at the Park. Although it was drizzling a bit, many people had come out and were in very high spirits as some were playing volleyball or simply standing around in the rain getting to know one another. [I forgot to take pictures to mark the event]

photo 4 (10)

Then on Sunday, we had a great time of Sabbath worshipping with our church. Afterwards we headed over to the Kwon’s place to visit Mary and cute little Evelyn. CJ had a great time as he played with the various foods and kitchenware. Then we went over to my parents’ house for dinner as relatives from Canada were visiting.

Overall, it was a very busy weekend, but time well spent with family and friends.

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