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I’ve actually been doing some spring cleaning with my toy inventory and have concluded that I need to get rid of some of my action figures. I have a lot of cool, but useless junk that still has value and can use a new home. I recently put up five auctions on ebay that consisted of a couple of unopened GI Joe’s, a Superman action figure, an Aliens Hicks figure, and a McFarlane Military figure. My GI Joe’s didn’t sell as well as I had hoped, but the other toys garnered more attention than I had anticipated. After ebay’s extremely high seller fee of 10%, I made out with about $70 which isn’t too bad at all for stuff that was just sitting in boxes in my closet.  What’s also nice is that ebay got rid of their listing fees and only take a percentage from the final value, which means that I can simply put anything up on ebay (up to 50 items per month), and just leave them up for 30 days until someone bites, and if nothing happens I can just relist it the following month. I feel addicted now. as I have two Transformers auctions and one generic Batman figure auction running. It’s fun to basically clean out one’s junk and get paid for it.

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2 Responses to Mint/Complete

  1. Jenna says:

    Matt! My cousin loves action figures. What’s the link to your ebay? 🙂

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