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I’ve gotten to the point in the geometry curriculum where I have to teach logic, reasoning, and two-column formal Euclidean proofs. I surprisingly felt comfortable and did well in teaching my students about logic, p’s & q’s, and all that, but they’re now struggling with proving congruent triangles, quadrilaterals, and their corresponding parts, and so that is why I’ve been spending a majority of my nights lesson planning for the next day, not only typing out my lesson and activity, but also re-teaching myself in light of not really having seen such material since 1996.

In any case, it’s the time of year when I must divulge to my Assistant Principal my course preference for September. I somewhat miss teaching freshmen as they are more impressionable and it would be pretty much a breeze to teach integrated algebra again, but I rather not take the chance of getting a rude and rowdy freshmen class, which is more likely than not. So I ended up choosing integrated geometry as my first choice as I would like a second chance at improving my Euclidean skills and also enjoy teaching more of the mature lot in my school. Well, as such is life, I will most likely not get what I want as the Lord will have it…but then again, I do work in the program office as well 🙂

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