Turks & Caicos


So almost on a whim we decided to take a trip to some place warm and relaxing. Aside from Maui, we’ve never been to an exotic island and we didn’t want to fly too far with CJ, so we chose the beautiful Turks & Caicos islands.


After deplaning, we were immediately hit with a wave of heat and humidity. It was perfect beach and pool weather, exactly what we were looking for in getting away from the New York cold.


We didn’t know how CJ would react to the sand and massive bodies of water, but he loved it and had a grand time.


It was great to have a beach attendant set up chairs, towels and beach umbrella’s for us each time we arrived on the beach. We were even able to order food and have him bring us meals and drinks. Of course I gave him a massive tip as he was very kind and accommodating to us.


We splurged a little for dinner one of the nights and received the bill that was lit up for outdoor parties. A bit over the top.


During the middle of our trip the weather got a bit cooler and breezier, so we decided to get off the beach and do a one-day car rental and seek out cheap places to eat. This is a typical Daihatsu that was seen all over the island as people drive very leisurely around the 13 mile long mainland. There aren’t any traffic lights but many efficient roundabouts. I initially didn’t want to rent a car because they drive on the left side of the road, but we were given a left sided car, so the adjustment wasn’t as terrible as I had feared.


We trekked out to Bugaloo’s, a restaurant that’s right on a beach where they catch and cook their own conch in front of you.


As they were preparing our lunch, it was a great place have our own little photo shoot.




It takes 4-6 years for conch to grow that large. They have more protein than steak.



After driving around the northern side of the island we sought out Chinson’s Grill Shack, a small Jamaican beek jerky restaurant. Pretty good.


On our last full day we booked a half-day boat tour with Island Vibes Tours, tripadvisor’s #1 boat tour company. We snorkeled and spent time on Iguana Island. Turks & Caicos has 50,000 iguanas, much more than people.



We were able to go snorkeling, but I cowered and needed a life jacket because I watch too many movies like Open Water. I was okay and snorkeled for a good 20 minutes or so until I noticed that I was surrounded by five barracudas. That completely freaked me out and I made my way around the school and back to the boat in one piece.


CJ got hooked on pina colada’s (virgin).


Sunset on our last day.


Because we booked our flights five weeks before our vacation, we didn’t have much of a choice in saving money, so both flights included layovers and connections. Aside from take off and the loud engines, CJ did pretty well. Flying down we stopped in Charlotte and flying back home we stopped at Toronto International Airport. I didn’t think about it ahead of time, but as we were flying into Toronto I began to wonder if we had to recheck-in our baggage, go through Canadian customs, and then security once more. I asked a stewardess and she confirmed my fears. I didn’t believe our 90 minute layover would be enough for all of that. We landed and upon making our way to Canadian customs, we were directed to a side hall for connections to the U.S. They scanned our boarding pass and we just had to wait for our names to appear on the screen before going through U.S. customs while we were shown when our bags were transferred to our connecting flight. Yep, U.S. customs, not Canadian customs. I was shocked. This was great as the airport attendants were very helpful and there weren’t many U.S. citizens, so customs and security were quick. We finished and had 45 minutes to spare before flying back home. Wow, props to U.S. and Canadian relations.

Overall, it was a great trip, not easy, but definitely fun and memorable and that’s what we were aiming for. Will we fly again before we need to pay for a seat for CJ? Who knows.

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  1. So entertaining. Thank you!

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